Your customers are on social media daily.  Our Social Media Marketing services will reach people in your area and grow your business

Numbers to know:
1) Over 50% of time spent on mobile devices is on social media
2) Over 50% of all word of mouth conversations take place ONLINE
3) 76% of US Consumers have purchased a product or used a service that they discovered through Social Media

Social media channels are a true hub for current and future customers to discover your business and foster a relationship.  Taking control of your major social channels with a consistent voice and interaction will lead to loyalty, new business and extended reach with your message.

Promote Brand Awareness

Our social media marketing tactics will increase your following and reach amongst targeted users.  Consistently showing off what makes your brand unique will lead to more referrals, new business and more “local” awareness.

More Foot and Website Traffic

One of the goals for any local merchant’s marketing is to create purchases and new business.  Increasing your presence on social media allows for your business to focus on developing trust and advertising campaigns to drive actions.  We will create a social media strategy that accomplishes engagement but also visitors to your store, website and phone calls.

Create Stronger Relationships in Your Community

Consumers are more likely to buy from and recommend businesses that they interact with on social media.   Our services will increase your engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc) on social media from relevant users.  This engagement will lead to more brand loyalty plus interest in different menu items and services that your followers may not have been aware you offered.

Facebook Marketing

Go Where the Traffic Is!
70% of US Adults Use Facebook.  It is the most popular social media platform. Facebook is where consumers go to communicate with friends, find news and businesses and share pictures.  Business pages with consistent and enticing content, interaction with users and positive reviews present a more trusted choice for consumers.   Keeping up with your Facebook page can be a full time job that requires the right strategy and attention.


How Refresh Local Makes Facebook Work For Local Businesses

1. Develop a strategy for your business to succeed- we learn about your business along and combine that with our experience, market research and knowledge of the area to create a plan.  This will help to be prepared for holidays, upcoming promotions or launch of new products & services.  Our goal is to work directly with you and implement a Facebook strategy that actually delivers.
2. Create customized schedule and content for your business-  We believe in authenticity and want to show off your business in the best way possible to target consumers.  Our team will make sure the content created for your business presents who you are and fits what your target audience is seeking.
3. Watch it boom-  Once we start implementing these strategies, it will start to drive the growth local businesses need on Facebook.  We have been working with local businesses for 29 years, and understand the process to create success.  Our strategies lead to new followers, engagement and action on Facebook.
4. Create New Campaigns, Ideas & Reach New Audiences- Don’t be complacent with your marketing.  We work with local businesses to create

Instagram Marketing

60% of Consumers Use Instagram!  This is a growing social media platform that is completely visual which allows us to really show off your products and services.  There is a high engagement rate with Instagram and we use organic strategies that drive LOCAL interaction.  We have proven with our tactics to generate more followers and engagement but with a key focus on your target audience.  It is valuable for a restaurant or home services company to have followers in your backyard, not on the other side of the country!

Local Businesses Need to be Active on Instagram

The time is now to have a presence and be engaged on Instagram.  The functions of Instagram allow you to see what consumers are doing in your area and the capability to then interact with them directly can lead to untapped business.  We will make your Instagram shine.
1. Consistent and highly professional posts
2. Stories to add more loyalty and engagement
3. Run giveaways and fun contests to increase reach and create more buzz
4. Utilize the right hashtags and tagging of other users to organically grow your followers

Why Refresh Local?

We Are Actually Local and Know Local

  • We Care About Your Budget
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager- We are like your in-house marketing team!
  • Customized Content for YOUR Business
  • No Longterm Contracts
  • In-depth Reporting