Facebook & Instagram’s advertising solutions provide a unique opportunity to reach potential customers through highly targeted campaigns.   Social Media advertising is much more than hitting “boost.”  We help increase current customer loyalty and purchases while reaching new audiences daily.

  • We increase brand awareness and promote targeted actions to fit your goals
  • We use data from ad campaigns to help optimize your advertising, growing upon daily attention to create the best audiences for all of your paid ads
  • Target users based on location, age, interests, buying habits and more.  There are thousands of people within a couple miles of your location that fit your customer profile.  Don’t miss out on them.
  • Our strategies incorporate the right tools to remarket to individuals that have interacted with your content before, visited your website, watching paid videos and more.   Have a better plan to make your future customer’s journey more successful.
  • We’ve worked with companies of all different sizes and industries to grow through Social Media.  Our 3 decade experience with local businesses has led to a specialization in those merchants seeking to reach their immediate geographic area.

Social Media Advertising Is a Must for Local Businesses

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow your business.  While there are over 2 billion users, that is not as much of a concern to the LOCAL business.  In most local markets, you can reach tens of thousands of targeted users in your immediate area.  When we work with restaurants, beauty salons, home improvement companies and more, the ability to reach 1000-3000 users in a defined area for just $5 provides incredible value.

Targeting the Best Audience for Your Business

There are thousands of different

advertising targeting options on Facebook & Instagram.  Facebook has a very useful “boost” option that many businesses use to give some sort of advertising.  However, in order to create the most effective and optimized advertising campaigns, we employ strategies that help to customize audiences based on email lists, prior engagement with content, and more to find the best users to target.  Facebook Ads will generally start with a cold audience.  We make sure that your advertising continues to reach new people but warms up those initial audiences to activate them into paying customers for your business.

Advertise with Better Techniques
Marketing your business can be difficult, but Facebook & Instagram advertising allow you to reach individuals based on a number of different factors that help create better audiences.

  • Website Visitors:  We will assist to add a Facebook Retargeting Pixel on your website which provides the opportunity to advertise to users that have visited your website to increase conversions to purchase and in-store visits.
  • Email Lists:  Have you been collecting emails over time?  We can create custom audiences targeting users based on those emails to show them ads.  Facebook also has a function where we can have lookalike audiences that may be similar to your current list creating a more qualified audience.
  • Demographics & Habits:  It is important to show your ads to people that are more likely to respond to it.  There is a reason that you are consistently shown ads based on websites you have visited or places you frequent.  Our team will take your social media advertising to the next level with better targeting.

Test the Data, Optimize & Report

Don’t just set your ads and forget them.  The team at Refresh Local will monitor your ads on a daily basis to find the best audience and continue to enhance and increase the Facebook or Instagram targets that will work best.   A successful advertising campaign requires consistent testing to properly identify lower performing audiences and in turn, dedicate more budget to better performing ads.  We provide in-depth reporting breaking down key performance numbers which will help a business owner know more about who they should be targeting and with what message.

Why Refresh Local?

  • We Are Actually Local and Know Local
  • We Care About Your Budget
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager- We are like your in-house marketing team!
  • Customized Content for YOUR Business
  • No Longterm Contracts
  • In-depth Reporting