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Do I need a password or to join Club MoneSaver to print coupons?

No, just select the coupons you’d like and print. Merchants may have certain restrictions and expiration dates on their coupons so check this information as indicated.

MoneySaver periodically runs special promotions and give-a-ways.

Effective 1-6-09 Club Moneysaver sign-ups may be eligible to win restaurant gift certificates. To be eligible you must be signed up with a valid email address. Winners will be notified by email only. These promotions are random and only valid email sign-ups will be entered in a random drawing.

How do I reset the computer generated password?

Log in using the MoneySaver computer generated password.

Go to the “edit” button on the top right hand side of the page.

It is to the right of the “My Moneysaver” button and to the left of the “sign out” button.

Once you are on that page, you can enter your new password and hit the “SUBMIT” button.


What is Club MoneySaver?

Signing up to Club MoneySaver is a way to receive unique and timely offers from our merchants via email. On occassion our merchants will make special offers that may be for a limited time and by signing up you may recieve an email from announcing these offers. We sort the emails by zip code so to receive the most revelant offers please use your correct zip code. The sign-up process verifies valid emails and invalid emails are deleted automatically from our database.

In addition to these exclusive emails, we may run contests for our Club MoneySaver members for various gift certificates. By signing up you will be automatically entered into these contests. Drawings will be held periodically using computer based software that corresponds to a numerically assigned number to your registration. Winners will be notified by email only and will be given 10 days to redeem their gift certificate by providing us with via email a mailing address. Certificates will be mailed within 5 days of written confirmation. Certificates may be subjest to various terms and conditions. Please remember that dining gift certificates do not include gratuity so please remember to take care of your servers.

For Our Potential Advertisers:

Please be sure to read our terms and conditions. We answer most questions in our easy to understand terms.

Why do you charge for advertising on your website?

We’ve taken our 25 years of experiece working with local businesses like yours and designed a website that consumers & merchants find easy to use.

We work hard for you 24-7, constantly adding content and updating it’s funtionality.

We market the site on the major search engines with the latest SEO techniques and pay per click campaigns.

The website’s mobile version is easy to use on all smart phones. This is critical in the ever increasing usage of mobile devices.

The website’s content is linked to national coupon websites.

The website is promoted on the cover of our printed and mailed/delivered coupon books, over 7 million a year!

Simply, Your Listing Will Be Found! Our site gets 1st Page Search Engine Results in both organic and paid searches when you search for coupons in your area (this is impossible to guarantee but see for yourself!)

Is making a payment for an online listing or coupon book ad secure?

Absolutely. All credit card payments are processed theu a automated payment gateway and secured by a Thawte SSL 123 Certificate. MoneySaver Coupons does not see nor store your information.

You have 4 options to make a payment:

  1. Pay automatically with a credit or debit card while on

This option is automatic and can be done 24/7

  1. Contact MoneySaver Coupons via email or phone and we can email you an invoice in which you can pay with either a Visa, Mastercard or Electronic Check. No sign-up is required. Just enter your account info as prompted and your payment will be automatically processed. Your info is safe and secure and is not shared with MoneySaver Coupons.
  2. Mail a check or moneyorder to MoneySaver Coupons corporate office to the address at the bottom of the any page on the website.
  3. Call MoneySaver Coupons corporate offices toll free 888-333-4966 during normal business hours and we can process a credit card with a few steps using a fax machine or email.